TV Nail Files now has a logo to call it’s very own!

TV Nail Files Logo Tagline

Designed by yours truly, this logo pays homage to logos past of the shopping channels. For instance…

The house outline is a throwback to HSN’s old red and blue house logo during its “Home Shopping Club” era from the 1980s to circa 1995:

Older Home Shopping Club logo

The telephone symbol, as well as the text used for “FILES” harkens back to the original “QVC Network” logo, used on air from 1986 to 1993:

Original QVC logo

The layout of the “TV” text takes my inspiration from the old ValueVision (now Evine) logo from the 1990s:

Older ValueVision logo

And last but not least, the “Nail” script, which is meant to emulate a vintage ACN-TV (now Jewelry Television) logo from the late ’90s-early 2000s (the dot for the “I” is also meant to represent a nail bed), and the updated three smokes from the house chimney (red-blue-red) also derive from the ACN logo. The below screenshot provided by this “25 Years of WOW” promotional video from JTV’s Facebook page is only a capsule of what the channel was still like back in the day, hence channel’s former name, America’s Collectibles Network” (the said ACN logo in question is on the bottom-left corner of the photo).

Screenshot (36895)

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