Here are the rules for voting in the TV NAIL FILES FAHEY AWARDS:

  1. You are allowed only one (1) hashtag tweet/post per account, for each round that is being conducted.
  2. Only hosts (current and non-current) that have been active in that capacity for a minimum of seven (7) months within the calendar year are eligible. Hosts that cross channels within a year are also eligible, provided they’ve accumulated a combined 7 months within the calendar year.
  3. Any host (current and non-current) that lasted six (6) months, or less, within the calendar year (i.e.: hired on or AFTER July 1; retired on or BEFORE June 30) are not eligible (For example: JTV has a new host in Cristina Yanez, but she wouldn’t be eligible for nomination this year, since she started in August; conversely Casey Taylor, who retired as host that same month, is still eligible for nomination.)
  4. Guest hosts/brand representatives/on-air experts are not classified as “regular” hosts, and are thus not eligible for nomination (For clarification, Wendi Russo only appeared as a regular host for less than 6 months before leaving Evine. Although she has since resurfaced on HSN as a brand rep, she is no longer eligible for nomination, per the criteria)
  5. Any host(s) throughout the year that fit the criteria of 3 and/or 4 will be given a Joint Honorable Mention Award.
  6. Any active host(s) that wish to participate in the voting are allowed to vote for any host within their own channel, but not themselves!