This is an unofficial complemental piece to a POPSUGAR article: Exactly When You Can Expect the Nail Salon in Your State to Reopen. This page will be periodically updated with more information, if warranted.

Updated June 5, 2020:

When it comes to being an on-air host, just looking presentable is one requirement. But when it comes to being home shopping host, the nails are big step above the rest.

A nationwide lockdown in mid-March forced the closure of nail salons (as well as other beauty-oriented salons and shops) closed due to the novel coronavirus, Many shopping channel hosts and models have been left forced to do their own at-home nail maintenance, so they could make their fingers (and, most importantly, their toes) look presentable on TV as much as possible.

But now, nearly two months later, several of America’s 50 states have slowly begun to reopen non-essential businesses. With each state, has come with their own phased recovery plan, and the timing and reopening of salons will differ by state. Some salons, will even choose to reopen later, even if their state officials give them the green light.

The major five American shopping channels are based in the following states:

  • HSN (formerly the Home Shopping Network) – based in St. Petersburg, FL (part of the Pinellas County)
  • ShopHQ (formerly Evine) – based in Eden Prairie MN (part of the Hennepin County)
  • QVC – based in West Chester, PA (part of Chester County)
  • Jewelry Television (JTV) – based in Knoxville, TN (part of Knox County)
  • Shop LC (formerly Liquidation Channel) – based in Austin, TX (part of Travis County)

Have nail salons in those areas started to reopen? Are they close to reopening? How far are they to welcoming back their customers? Here is where the five aforementioned home currently stand:

Florida (Nail salons are OPEN)

Jade of Yesteryear Oval Jade and Cubic Zirconia Double F... 0-11 screenshot
Colleen Lopez’s nails / Courtesy: HSN

FLORIDA Gov. Ron DeSantis had a safer-at-home order expire on May 4, for much of his state, including Pinellas County, where HSN is based. Although nail salons were initially exempt from the initial non-essential services to open, DeSantis later announced that all salons would be able to reopen in those states as soon as May 11. If you are a HSN host like Colleen Lopez (pictured at right) reading this news, I suggest you check with your local nailers, and try to book those appointments ASAP.

View information about Phase 1 of the state of Florida and Pinellas County reopening guidelines here.

Minnesota (OPEN)

ShopHQ Live Stream - Shop with us! 10-33-7 screenshot
Fatima Cocci’s nails / Courtesy: ShopHQ

MINNESOTA Gov. Tim Walz’s stay-at-home order expired on May 18, and was replaced with a safer-at-home phase. While this new phase immediately allowed non-essential retail and businesses to open, nail salons were not permitted to do so until June 1.

View information about the state of Minnesota’s “Stay Safe” order here.

Pennsylvania (Nail salons CLOSED in Chester County)

Screenshot (30685)
Jennifer Coffey’s nails / Courtesy: QVC

PENNSYLVANIA Gov. Tom Wolf took a county-by-county approach to reopen his state in three phases – color coded as red, yellow, and green. All counties began at “red,” before select areas gradually migrated to “yellow” phase. Under this reopening plan, salons will not be eligible to restart business, until once their county reaches the final “green” stage.

After being among the hardest hit areas in the state, Chester County finally moved from “red” to “yellow” on June 5, becoming one of the last of the remaining counties to do so; much of the Keystone State had been gradually moving to the “yellow” phase since May 8, with the first select counties finally graduating to green on May 29.

Chester County Commissioners issued the following statement:

We are pleased that the Governor has responded to our appeal to relax restrictions in Chester County, and on June 5th, Chester County can begin to move forward in a safe and cautious way.

Our “Restore Chester County” program is rolling out next week to begin preparing businesses and organizations to re-open, and informing residents of all safety measures that employers are using to welcome employees and customers back without fear.

Cautious is the watchword for our yellow phase. Thank you all for your efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 during our red phase. We know the inevitable question is when will we get to “green”? It is our goal that Chester County will move to the green phase no later than the end of June. But we must all continue to make every effort to contain the coronavirus. Wear masks, continue social distancing, work from home if you can, and continue all hygiene recommendations. Heed the yellow phase restrictions so that Chester County is ready to “go green” safely by the end of June.

Chester County Commissioners

Chester County will now work to hope for upgrading to the “green” stage by the end of the month. A reopening of nail salons by July would come at a time when many of QVC’s hosts – Jen Coffey included – will begin to clear out any summer inventory, and increasingly adding new fall accessories and apparel.

View information about the process of reopening Pennsylvania here.

Chester County has crafted its own website devoted to its reopening plan. View it here.

View an interactive reopening map of Pennsylvania, provided by WTAE-TV, here.

Tennessee (OPEN)

Screenshot (35656)
Kristen Keech’s nails / Courtesy: JTV

TENNESSEE Gov. Bill Lee’s stay-at-home order expired on April 30. Many retails, and restaurants have opened in most counties, with salons able to follow suit on May 6. However, six counties have created their own reopening guidelines complemental to Lee’s new order; one of them – Knox County – has begun to reopen its salons. Great news for Kristen Keech, and the rest of the hosts at Knoxville-based JTV!

View information about Knox County’s reopening plan here.

Texas (OPEN)

Screenshot (35962)
Nikki Stanzione’s nails / Courtesy: Shop LC

TEXAS Gov. Greg Abbott was one of the very first governors to begin reopening his state with a phase-by-phase plan on April 24. His stay-at-order also expired on April 30. Although salons were initially restricted to open in Phase 1, the governor later amended this order allowing these services to open starting May 8. Certainly, this was news that Nikki Stanzione, and the rest of the ShopHQ crew wanted to hear.

View information about Phase 1 of the state of Texas’ reopening protocols here:

As a customer, what can I expect when return to the nail salon?

Going back to the spa to get your nails and toes done is going to look and feel a lot different than your previous visits. Much of the following changes vary by store and/or state, but this is a consensus of what you should expect when coming back to the nail salon (note that this list may be updated over time):

  1. Nail salons will be opened under a reduced capacity. Stylists strongly recommend booking by phone (or online) in advanced to allow the businesses to schedule in a timely manner, and to limit the number of people in the salon. Contactless payments are encouraged.
  2. There is no mandate of every salon to reopen upon lifting; some salons may choose to keep their doors closed for a little while longer to allow for any protective equipment to arrive.
  3. Masks will be encouraged for your visit. Some states may require you to wear one during your appointment.
  4. Depending on the size of the salon, spa stations will either be separated by a minimum of 6 feet or limited to one single client at a time.
  5. Nail technicians will need to do a thorough sanitize of the work station(s) between client meetings. So if you see the one client right before you walk out the door, don’t automatically expect that it’s your turn to step in.
  6. Upon entering the salon, you will be given a temperature check on your forehead, which may determine if you are well enough to have your session. You will also be asked to was and sanitize your hands.
  7. During manicure sessions, glass barriers will be installed to separate both the stylist and the client. Every table, seat, tool, and barrier will be sanitized following every session.
  8. During pedicure sessions, every other chair will be utilized with the same sanitizing rules in place, post-session.

The following YouTube video is an example of how one nail salon, Brilliant Nail Spa in Franklin TN, has taken precautions upon reopening:

Editor’s Note: While TV Nail Files is aiming to bringing you the most up to date information regarding salon openings, I am not a doctor, or a technician. I strongly advise readers to consult the guides from the WHO, CDC, and your local health department(s), for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.